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The need

The need for management, planning and problem-solving skills.

Identifying and developing managers

This vital key performance area of business is frequently neglected. This is especially the case when recessionary and challenging times cause restructuring and cost reduction; the worst time to cut back on management development.

Formulating strategy and tactical plans

Businesses need a unified, standardised doctrine for formulating strategy ("CEO's Intent") which can be converted into uncomplicated, precise optimal tactical plans to achieve objectives which are clearly understood and efficiently executed at every level.

Management of human capital to deliver optimal client service

In comparing competing businesses, inter alia, their processing and information technology systems, pricing, products and services are relatively similar. The greatest differentiation is management and motivation of human capital to provide "best in class" product, client service and delivery.

Promotion criteria for managerial staff

When selecting managers, management, leadership and planning skills should take priority over seniority, long service, academic qualification, exceptional intellect and technical knowledge.

Professional management is a "career"

Managers usually graduate from the positions that they previously held as a result of their technical and academic attributes. While these skills greatly assist in managing, they are no substitute for management and leadership ability. Managers need to be tutored, mentored and guided in leadership, planning and effective problem-solving. The Technique