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The technique

The rules of reasoning : The situational analysis technique, using Socratic dialogue, is a management team exercise in rational, robust reasoning and collaborative dialogue. Participants objectively appreciate but interrogate the views of colleagues, under the firm chairmanship of the team leader.  A well managed, dynamic debate leads to the optimal outcome.
This is adapted from the proven military approach to planning and problem-solving; the Appreciation combined with the business analysis tool; the Situational Analysis.

The Appreciation remains today a mandatory subject in the training of military officers in strategy and tactics.
This adapted planning and problem-solving technique enables effective strategies to be logically formulated and then translated into simple and effective tactical plans to optimally attain any business goal.

And - by its very nature and reasoning processes, it encourages innovative, lateral and creative thinking combined with robust collaborative dialogue to logically select, examine and reason all factors relevant to the situation.


Correctly executed, this process will result in the rational deduction of the optimal solution.

The reasoning technique centres on "Socratic dialogue"

This is the teaching method expounded by the legendary Athenian philosopher, Socrates

(469 BC to 399 BC), in which the robust and relentless use of logical questioning led

the answerer to realise that he knew far less about his subject than he had initially

thought, resulting in a more logical outcome than that envisaged at outset.


                               "Do you know what you do not know?" [Socrates at his 'trial', which resulted in the death sentence.]The Technique