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Solutions portfolio

BMLS offers two highly participative programmes which assist delegates to master the planning processes, collaborative problem solving and strategic leadership skills that are encompassed in the Adapted Situational Analysis Technique.

Both the Executive Development programme and the Battlefield Breakaways emphasise the need for collaborative but standardised methods of formulating effective strategy, including the successful execution of tactical plans that lead to achieving robust and unambiguous objectives. Operational procedures must be recognised, understood and practised at all levels, so that planning, execution, problem-solving and communication take place speedily and efficiently – with all members in the organisation knowing exactly what is expected of them.

Executive development programme

BMLS has created a unique and comprehensive executive development programme, focused on the exploitation of a combination of adapted military principles and practical business processes that enable executive teams to understand and apply standardised situational analysis, logical reasoning and collaborative dialogue techniques to solving business problems. This includes "strategic" leadership, plus strategic and tactical planning.

The programme is delivered through a number of flexible formats and service offerings that range from a simple boardroom presentation to a high-powered professional services engagement.  

For the BMLS "Business at War" Information Brochure, which covers BMLS's Unique Points of Difference; Management and Leadership Development Programmes, for the  BMLS ASAT (Adapted Situation Analysis Technique), Click here.

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Battlefield breakaways

Treat your management team to an exhilarating and highly motivational outing with a difference – a captivating battlefield excursion to an Anglo-Boer or Anglo-Zulu war historical site set in the unsurpassed beauty of a South African landscape where the actual battle took place.

Featuring a unique approach to team-building and leadership development, a BMLS Battlefield Breakaway creates performance-enhanced dynamics for organisational management teams. This is achieved by using case studies and highly participative war game exercises conducted at carefully selected battlefield sites.

Armed with the knowledge and experience acquired from the timeless management and leadership lessons these military case studies and war games offer, delegates will be well positioned to deliver an enhanced team performance and added personal value to their working environment.

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